Interconnection Map Registration Form

In order to view the map, you are required to register with SDG&E. Once registered, an email that contains a web link, username, password, and instructions to access and use the map will be sent to your email address.

Fill out the following information to request access to the Distributed Generation Interconnection Map.

Company Contact Information
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Access Level Requested

*This level will provide information of the Integration Capacity Analysis (ICA) results for feeders and substation, as well the downloadable ICA results and load profiles.

**This level will provide the same as ICA overview with additional information such as customer breakdown per circuit, existing and queued generation, view of load profile of circuit and view of circuit line segments.

By submitting this form I certify the above information is accurate and truthful and that I will use the Distributed Generation Map solely for the above-stated purpose and not for any illegal or non-legitimate purpose.

I will not distribute the Available Capacity for Distributed Generation Map link to any individual. Any individual needing access must register independently.

Unauthorized  use of the interconnection map or its contents will be subject to accounts being immediately deactivated. Accounts will be deactivated after 60 consecutive days of inactivity.