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SDG&E offers rebates on new foodservice equipment such as ice machines, convection ovens and griddles. And from now until December 8, 2017 – these rebate amounts are increased! Act now before your equipment goes on the fritz.

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Measure ID

Measure Name

Current Rebate

Promotional Rebate


Food Service - Hot Food Holding Cabinet-Half-Size




Food Service - Commercial Electric Fryer




Ice Machines 101-200 - CEE Tier III




Ice Machines 201-300 - CEE Tier III




Ice Machines 1001-1500 - CEE Tier III




Food Service - Convection Oven-Electric




Ventilation Control - Retrofit




Steam Cooker - Electric




Refrigeration - New Refrigeration Case w/Doors-Low Temperature Case




Refrigeration - Anti-Sweat Heater Controls




Food Service - Griddle-Electric



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Foodservice facilities are highly energy-intensive, using about 5 to 7 times more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings, such as office buildings and retail stores1. The largest portion of energy use in foodservice is consumed by cooking and food preparation, followed closely by heating, ventilation and cooling.

There are many ways to improve foodservice operations, particularly in the kitchen. There is a significant opportunity to embrace energy-saving and load-shifting measures that can positively affect your bottom line. Upgrading your operational equipment and systems can improve your customers' comfort as well as add to the ambiance. Your customers will experience more comfortable temperatures, cleaner air quality and perfectly-cooked meals.

How you can save money with energy-efficient kitchen equipment

Did you know that up to 80 percent of the energy used by business cafeterias and kitchens is wasted by inefficient equipment3? We can help you earn money back and reduce your operating costs by improving your kitchen’s energy efficiency.

  • Energy efficient appliances often have higher production capacities and additional features such as programmable timers.
  • Higher initial appliance costs of energy efficient appliances can often be justified by energy savings, maintenance costs and higher sales volumes for busy restaurants.
  • If you’re looking for a shortcut to the biggest savings, consider focusing on what are likely some of your kitchen’s biggest energy users: broilers, boiler-based steamers, pasta cookers, conveyor ovens, and combination ovens.
  • Inefficient appliances make for an expensive double-whammy: in addition to having higher operating costs, inefficient kitchen appliances tend to emit more heat than their efficient counterparts resulting in a hotter kitchen and potentially forcing you to spend more to cool the air in your kitchen.

Energy-efficiency tips for your kitchen4

SDG&E is currently offering increased foodservice rebates on the following kitchen equipment:

  1. Ice machines - increased rebate amount: $310 to $580

    Ice machines can be turned off for a significant period of time without compromising foodservice operations. A larger ice machine makes it easier to shift your ice-making to night-time, off peak hours. A large ice machine, vs a smaller one, could get twice the ice capacity at half the energy cost per pound of ice.

  2. Griddles - increased rebate amount: $250

    Energy-efficient griddles tend to be more efficient than broilers, using thermostatic controls and infrared burners. These griddles heat evenly, have consistent results and are easy to connect. Vic’s All Star Kitchen saved $722 a year by replacing two low-efficiency manual griddles with one energy-efficient thermostatic griddle.

  3. Convection Ovens and Steamers - increased rebate amount: $1,000

    Convection ovens provide a twenty-five percent reduction in temperature compared to regular radiant ovens – with the same results.

  4. Commercial Kitchen Ventilation (CKV) - increased rebate amount: $1,000

    An unbalanced or poorly-designed kitchen exhaust system can allow heat and smoke to spill into your kitchen, spelling trouble for both your facility's air quality and your employees’ comfort. Spillage leads to a hot, uncomfortable working environment.

  5. Hot Food Holding Cabinets (HFHCs) - increased rebate amount: $700

    HFHCs have solid doors that retain moisture naturally in food, keeping crisp foods crisp. The improved insulation in HFHCs keeps the heat in the cabinet and out of the kitchen. ENERGY STAR-certified HFHCs can save $310 annually for electricity and $3,000 over the product lifetime.

  6. Refrigeration Cases - increased rebate amount: $200

    Replacing open cases with new refrigeration cases with doors will help save energy. New cases have LED lighting which uses 75 percent less power than a T8 bulb in older refrigeration cases. Also, maintenance costs will go down due to reduction in lighting change-outs.

  7. Anti-Sweat Heater Controls for Refrigeration - increased rebate amount: $46

    These controls reduce energy use by cycling heaters off when they are not needed. They also help to minimize the heat added to the case by reducing heater run time.

  8. Electric Fryers - increased rebate amount: $760

    Commercial electric fryers provide fast frying and a quick recovery which increases cooking output. They reach their full operating temperature in half the time it would take a gas fryer. Electric fryers operate at low temperatures so it saves energy and reduces fat breakdown.

Visit this energy efficiency guide for more tips for foodservice facilities.

Energy Star Energy Savings Chart

Energy Star certified appliance annual electric savings (up to) annual gas savings (up to) lifetime elec savings (up to) lifetime gas savings (up to)
Ice maker  $185      $1,300    
Steam cookers  $1,200      $12,000    
Fryers (standard)  $120  $460  $1,200  $4,800
Fryers (large vat)  $185  $520  $1,800  $5,400
Combination ovens  $740  $250  $7,300  $2,500
Convection ovens  $70  $165  $660  $1,700
Griddles  $130  $100  $1,300  $1,100
Hot food holding cabinets  $310  $3,000    
Commercial dishwashers (flight type)  $5,500  $68,000    
Commercial dishwashers (other eligible machines)  $1,300  $16,000    
Data from Energy Star Guide for Cafes, Restaurants and Institutional Kitchens, 2015 

Test state-of-the-art equipment at SDG&E’s demonstration kitchen for free

SDG&E’s Commercial Demonstration Kitchen houses the latest in energy-efficient and vent-less cooking equipment. We offer “test-drives” of the latest energy-efficient equipment at no cost to you. Compare quality, production, overall performance and ease of maintenance to help you decide which appliances to buy when the time comes. Try new recipes! Learn more at, call 800.613.8970 or email

Take advantage of free energy-related courses

Specialized energy efficiency and sustainability courses sharpen your skills, and are a great way for businesses to competitively get ahead. SDG&E’s Energy Innovation Center offers over 250 free energy-related courses per year, making it easy to find classes that fit your needs. Keep up-to-date on the latest technologies that can help your restaurant save energy and money. Gain basic skills or advanced training in green building practices.

Check out SDG&E’s free seminars at You may be interested in attending Taste of Alto-Shaam Commercial Equipment Demonstration on September 27, 2017 from 1 PM – 2:30 PM. At this hands-on demonstration, you’ll be able to share ideas with fellow culinary experts, sample food, and learn new methods to make your kitchen more energy-efficient.

SDG&E's Business Energy Solutions Program

Several products offered through the Energy Efficiency Business Rebates program are provided at no cost or at a discount for qualified customers through SDG&E's Business Energy Solutions Program. Call our Energy Savings Center at 1-800-644-6133 for details or visit

Need help getting a project started?

Check out our Trade Professional Directory for a quick tips video and to select a local Trade Professional who can help you kick-start your energy-savings project. For more information, please visit

How to apply for non-lighting rebates

Please review all steps to ensure your application is processed as quickly as possible.

  1. Review the Energy Efficiency Business Rebates Handbook for an overview of policies and procedures.
  2. Browse our new Consolidated Product Catalog (pdf)- March 6, 2017 to find rebate-eligible items.
  3. The following project types require a site inspection be conducted before existing equipment is modified or new equipment is installed:
    1. Projects applying for On-Bill Financing
    2. All products found in the DEER Section (where is this?)
    3. Various other products in the product catalog
    4. Previous participation (if occurred within last 5 years)
  4. If your project requires a pre-inspection, you must wait for a notice to proceed from SDG&E before any equipment can be modified or installed.

Submitting your online rebate application

  1. Step 1: A Trade Professional and/or business customer must complete and submit the appropriate rebate application online. 
    • Projects not requiring pre-inspection: It is recommended that the Trade Professional and/or business customer complete as much information as possible and submit the online application for the processing team at SDG&E to review. Within three business days, a notification will be sent on next steps regarding completing the online application.
    • Projects requiring pre-inspection: It is a requirement that the Trade Professional and/or business customer complete and submit the online application and wait (up to three business days) for a notice to proceed from SDG&E before any equipment can be modified or installed.
    • Important: Completing Step 1 of the online rebate application process does NOT guarantee a rebate. Only by completing Step 2 will your project be eligible for a rebate. 
    • Click the link below associated with the account holder’s sector to initiate the online application. To determine the account holder’s sector, please refer to the Electric or Gas Service section on the account holder’s bill. The sector is provide under the Rate (click here to see example).​
    • Agribusiness Customers Online Application
    • Industrial Business Customers Online Application
    • Commercial Business Customers Online Application
  2. Step 2: After submitting your online application, please download and save the confirmation (the application) when prompted.
  3. Step 3: To begin processing your rebate, we will need a signature on the rebate application. This can be done by downloading the Business Rebates program application (pdf), completing the application with the appropriate information (refer to your saved downloaded document), printing the document and signing it. Once complete, please scan the signed document and upload it to the Installation Documents section in step 4 below.  
  4. Step 4: Have your enrollment number and account number before you proceed with this step. Once you have received the notification, and the installation of products are complete, the links below will give the Trade Professional and/or business customer the ability to upload documents, complete all the required fields of the online application and submit. The links may also be used to check on the status of the rebate application. 
    • Remember to upload the signed application in the Installation Documents section.
    • Submit a completed W-9 (pdf), if you have not already done so for our records, in the Installation Documents section.
    • When completing the installation information, please review our Invoice Guidelines and our Business Rebates Sample Invoice for assistance.

Failure to complete the above steps could result in your rebate being delayed or not processed.

Resume completing your application or check application status

Agribusiness Customers resume & complete application and/or check application status

Industrial Business Customers resume & complete application and/or check application status

Commercial Business Customers resume & complete application and/or check application status


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