Facility Assessment Service Program

The Facility Assessment Services Program will be closing at the end of 2020. As of September 30th, the program is no longer enrolling new customers.
A Virtual Commissioning Service

This program offers virtual commissioning at no-cost that can help pinpoint where your facility is wasting energy, potentially reducing your annual energy costs by 5-10%. Participating is fast and easy with no on-site meetings and no paperwork required. View brochure.

Benefits include:

  • Managing unexpected increases in energy use
  • Lowering energy costs through low and no-cost operational or maintenance adjustments
  • Finding energy-efficient solutions for existing building equipment
  • Learning when your building uses the most energy
  • Achieving sustainability and energy efficiency goals

Services Include:

  • Remote energy analysis of your new or existing  Energy Management System using software we provide
  • Expert consultants who'll identify and prioritize energy saving opportunities for you
  • No-cost and low-cost recommendations on ways to reduce energy use
  • Savings verification reports

Typical energy-saving recommendations can include:

  • Adjusting heating and cooling schedules to better match actual occupancy
  • Automatically turning off unneeded equipment overnight using smart timers
  • Managing equipment start-up and shut-down schedules to reduce waste


  • Must have an active commercial account under 300 kW monthly demand with at least 12 months of past energy use
  • Facility must be within our service area with electric or gas service provided by SDG&E

For more information about this program, please contact the administrator at [email protected]  or call  626-244-3700You can also visit their website at powertakeoff.com.