Big savings on electric vehicles for SDG&E customers

See how the math works in your favor!

Drive past gas stations with a smile, spend less time at the auto mechanic, and enjoy your free time. Explore the money-saving advantages of buying zero-emission and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

State and Federal benefits

  1. California Hybrid and Electric Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP): Today, trucks and buses are responsible for 37 percent of California’s greenhouse gas and criteria emissions. By deploying new electric, hybrid, and natural gas trucks and buses, fleets can help reduce these emissions.
  2. DriveClean incentives and incentives: Select your location to find incentives for the purchase or lease of electric vehicles.
  3. Clean Vehicle Rebate Project / State Rebate: Get cash rebates of up to $2,000 and an additional $2,500 for qualifying customers.  Qualifying is easy - purchase or lease a new eligible plug-in EV and register it in California. A minimum 30-month lease or ownership is required. Visit for more information.
  4. Federal tax credit – Get a new EV and a break on your taxes. Tax credit up to $7,500 based on EV's battery capacity and tax rebate eligibility.
  5. Free Public Charging: Some manufacturers provide new customers with free charging for a period at select public charging stations. Ask your dealer for details.

Clean Fuel Reward (CFR)

A new, time-of-sale reward is now available to all California residents. This reward applies to the purchase or lease of new all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles . For more information, including a list of eligible vehicles and participating retailers, click here.

High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane stickers

Ease your commute! EV drivers can may be able to use the carpool lane as a single occupant with a carpool sticker. Learn more about California's Clean Air Decals, or apply for the Clean Air Vehicle Decal on the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) site.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

Assistance for Income-Qualifying Households

The Clean Vehicle Assistance Program provides grants and affordable financing to help income-qualified Californians purchase or lease a new or used hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle. Our goal is to make clean vehicles accessible and affordable to all who qualify. 

Champions for Clean Air Rebate

School district employees and first responders play an invaluable role in shaping the minds of the future and keeping San Diego safe. We’d like to celebrate their accomplishments and service by offering a $1,000 rebate toward an all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle.

This $1,000 point-of-sale rebate is only being offered to school district employees and first responders who reside and work in the SDG&E service territory.

  • Must be currently employed by a school district in the SDG&E service territory
  • Must be able to show a recent paystub (3 months or less) verifying employment status
  • Household must be an SDG&E customer
  • Must be currently employed as a police officer, sheriff, lifeguard, firefighter or emergency medical technician in the SDG&E service territory
  • Must be able to show a recent paystub (3 months or less) verifying employment status
  • Household must be an SDG&E customer

Make sure you have the proper documentation, including a recent paystub and a copy of your SDG&E® bill. You will be required to upload this documentation into an online portal for verification.

Click “Apply” below and you’ll be taken to our partner site, Plug-in America, to fill out your application and upload your documentation. Once you submit your application, it will be reviewed by Plug-In America, who will confirm your eligibility and provide you with a verification code to bring to the dealer.

We are encouraging each dealer in our service territory to participate. However, it is recommended that you call to confirm if your preferred dealer is participating. The rebate is being offered on a first-come, first-served basis and is good while limited funds are available.