Step 3: Find a Solar Contractor and know something about financing*

Professionals in Your Area

If at this point you’ve decided to look into solar further, here are some tips to selecting a solar contractor.  Click the link below to see a list of contractors in your area.

Find a solar contractor

The Search by Zip Code is the fastest way to find a solar contractor near you

Review Financing Options

It’s important to consider a variety of financial options when making a decision to install a solar electric system. The ultimate out-of-pocket cost will depend on whether you:

  • purchase the system outright,
  • obtain a loan, or
  • lease the system.

Compare your options in order to choose the financing method that best fits with your lifestyle. Depending on your financing method, there may be other costs to take into account such as loan/lease payments, tax credits and termination clauses.

Review our Solar System Financing Comparison Chart to help you weigh the options.   

* Please keep in mind that SDG&E doesn’t endorse any particular contractor and the projected savings are estimates based on SDG&E’s current rates. The calculated savings, depending on the amount of solar energy you want to produce, is an estimate based on the historical energy use of your home. It is important to understand that these estimated savings are based on SDG&E’s current rates and that changes to rates and/or rate structures and incentive availability may impact the amount of savings in future years. The California Public Utilities Commission is currently evaluating electric rate structures which could affect future savings.