What is the Net Energy Metering Program?

This program is for customers with solar electric or wind generating systems.  If your system produces more energy than you use, you can earn bill credits for the excess power you put back into the SDG&E electric grid.  You can later use that credit to cover the power you may need from SDG&E at times when your own self-generation doesn't fully meet your needs.


Any SDG&E residential or commercial electricity customer who generates at least some of their electricity is eligible for net metering.

The two basic eligibility requirements are:

  • Your electricity generating system must be powered by solar or wind energy or a combination of the two
  • Your system must not exceed 1 Megawatt of peak power output

Inspections and Fees

There are no special fees required. SDG&E will perform an inspection as part of the interconnection process to make sure that your solar electric system (SES) is connected safely before connection to the electric grid.

NEM Energy Charges

There are no extra charges for being a Net Energy Metering customer or for the electricity that you self-generate.  You do need to select an electric rate. See NEM Rates below.

NEM Rates

For homeowners, the bill credits you earn and the electricity you that consume, (that is not covered by bill credits,) are based on the electric or billing rate you select when you join the program. You can opt for the NEM billing rate or elect to stay with your residential rate.  Click below to do a self-analysis of your regular energy usage to select the rate that's right for you.

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Your NEM Bill

Now that you're self-generating part of your power,  you're probably wondering how you'll be billed.  You should expect to recieve two bills from SDG&E; one for natural gas usage (if you use natural gas) and one for electricity. Clilck below for the specifics.

More information regarding your bill


There is a state-mandated cap on Net Energy Metering.  Click below for the formula for current percent of cap and the current calculation. 

See the cap

Contact Information

Net Energy Metering

San Diego Gas & Electric
8316 Century Park Court, CP52F
San Diego, CA  92123

(858) 636-5585
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More Information

For more information regarding Interconnection Applications, Electrical Standards, and Permission to Operate, please call our Net Energy Metering department at 858-636-5585 or an email to [email protected].

For more information regarding NEM Billing, Rates, Solar Rebate Programs, and Meter Access Issues, please call us at 1-800-411-7343.