About the Energy Innovation Center

Energy education and training for professionals can give you knowledge and skills that customers value. We offer training for green building design, operations and maintenance. Classes come in introductory, intermediate and advanced levels and are available online and on-demand.

About the Energy Information Center

Please note:

As part of our commitment to protect the health of our employees and the communities we serve during the pandemic, we have temporarily closed the Energy Innovation Center. Workforce, Education and Training classes typically held at the EIC have been moved online as webinars or on-demand content.

Our Mission

To help the region achieve its energy-efficiency potential by educating San Diego’s businesses and residents about new energy technologies and cost-effective energy-efficient practices.  

We encourage the adoption of energy-efficient technologies as part of sustainable building design and training San Diego’s workforce to install, operate and maintain energy-efficiency projects for the region’s long-term economic and environmental benefit.

Double LEED Platinum

The Energy Innovation Center is one of the first 10 buildings in the world to achieve double LEED® Platinum certification. Platinum is the highest rating in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification system of the U.S. Green Building Council®.

  • LEED® New Construction and Major Renovation – August 2012
  • LEED® Existing Building Operations and Maintenance – December 2013
  • LEED® Existing Building Operations and Maintenance – May 2019

Other Resources and Services

Tool and book lending library: Our library offers a variety of energy efficiency and sustainability-related educational resources available for check-out including books, DVDs and more than 100 energy-measuring tools.

The lending library is temporarily closed


SDG&E opened the doors to our 27,000-square-foot Energy Innovation Center in 2011. What used to be a grocery store in the 1950’s is now a state-of-the-art facility where you’ll find the latest in energy and environmental technologies and workforce education and training.


The Workforce Education and Training programs are funded by California utility customers and administered by SDG&E under the auspices of the California Public Utilities commission. 
California customers are not obligated to purchase any goods or services offered by the presenters. SDG&E does not endorse, qualify or guarantee the work of any third party.  Space is limited at our classes and all training is offered on a space–available basis.
These programs help provide you with the energy savings resources, knowledge and skills necessary to achieve our region and California’s clean energy goals.  

Additionally, our classes provide increased awareness of energy related products and programs, many of which offer rebates and incentives for residential and commercial customers. Visit our website  to see where you can save.