SDG&E Electrification Projects Overview

Why we’re involved in transportation electrification

  • We have a well-established track record in utility infrastructure development, management, and operations
  • We’re already a key partner in local, regional, and state efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Transportation accounts for about 50% of the greenhouse gas emissions in San Diego County, compared to 39% statewide. In the City of San Diego, transportation makes up 55% of the greenhouse gas emissions


Below is a list of current projects in our service area.

Medium/Heavy Duty Electrification

SDG&E is implementing a program to help build the charging infrastructure needed to electrify a minimum of 3,000 trucks, buses, forklifts and other medium-duty and heavy-duty electric vehicles at 300 sites. Customers can choose to own/maintain charging stations themselves or have SDG&E keep ownership and maintenance responsibilities.  See our MDHD EV Charging Infrastructure Program page for more information

AB 1082/1083

This initiative will allow us to install a mix of public DC fast chargers and level 2 chargers. These level 2 chargers will deliver a wide range of charging speeds — at schools, higher-education institutions, state and city parks, and beaches. 

Power Your Drive

We've installed electric vehicle charging infrastructure at local businesses, condominiums and apartments. A special pricing plan for PYD participants gives drivers the freedom to choose what they are willing to pay for electricity.  See our Power Your Drive page for more information. 

Priority Review Programs

  1. Port and airport electrification
    30–40 installations will support electric medium-duty/heavy-duty vehicles and forklifts within the Port of San Diego’s waterfront properties.

  2. Fleet delivery trucks
    Charging stations will be installed for approximately 90 fleet delivery vehicles at multiple locations.

  3. Highways (Park-n-Ride lots)
    Various charging stations, including DC fast chargers — the fastest chargers available — will be installed at four public Caltrans Park-and-Ride lots located along highways.

  4. Green shuttles
    We’re installing charging stations at five locations to support shuttles running on fixed routes.

  5. Dealerships
    We provide car dealerships with educational programs and financial incentives to help advance and grow the sales of EVs in the region.

  6. Airport Ground Support Equipment
    We are working with the San Diego International Airport to support installation of charging infrastructure to be used for electric ground support equipment. 

Pending Electrification Projects

High-Power EV Rate: SDG&E hopes to provide a new optional subscription pricing plan for commercial MD/HD EV customers and direct current fast chargers. The plan allows customers to choose the amount of power they need for their charging stations and pay for it with a monthly subscription fee. For more information, download our fact sheet.

Power Your Drive (PYD) 2.0: This will be a continuation of the original PYD infrastructure program that installed charging stations at multi-unit dwellings and workplaces. The program will be slightly smaller than the original with 2,000 nozzles at 200 sites and will offer workplace site-hosts the opportunity to own/install/maintain their chargers.