Getting Started

Find a plug-in vehicle that’s right for you

With more than 20 all-electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (EVs) on the market, there is an EV for everyone. Our electric vehicle guide will help you get started, but check your local dealer’s website for details on specific models that meet your driving needs.  Regardless of what type you choose, driving an EV on electricity can reduce your car’s fuel bill by 75%!

Plug-in vehicle types

All-electric vehicles

  • Run on electricity only
  • Use electricity stored in large batteries
  • Plug into standard outlets or special charging units
  • Zero tail-pipe emissions

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs)

  • Plug into standard outlets or special charging units and use gasoline
  • Equipped with a gasoline engine and an electric motor
  • Electricity is stored in smaller batteries than in all-electric vehicles
  • Lower tail pipe emissions than conventional gasoline-only vehicles

Driving ranges

When considering plug-in EVs, consider how far you drive each day.  In most cases, an overnight charge at home is more than enough to recharge an EV after your typical day’s drive. In fact, most San Diegans drive 25 miles or less each day, requiring only about 8 kilowatt hours of electricity.  This is the amount of electricity a standard wall outlet can provide in about 5 to 6 hours.

Special home charging units can provide this same charge in a little over an hour.  It’s important to remember that, much like conventional gasoline powered cars, driving ranges will vary depending on how much electricity your car holds and your driving habits.  Manufacturer websites have detailed EV mileage information.