Charge up while you’re away

There may be times you need to charge your EV while away from home.  You can plug in to any common 120-volt outlet using your vehicle’s standard charging cord. 

You can use a growing number of online tools to help you find faster 240-volt public charging stations.  Many EVs have built-in apps to help you locate the closest charging station via your vehicle’s GPS map.

Options while on the road

  • 120-volt outlets provide you with 5 miles for every hour you charge and are often enough for charging at work or overnight when traveling

  • 240-volt public charging stations provide you with 10-20 miles for every hour you charge

  • 480-volt DC Fast Charger charging stations provide you with 40-50 miles for every 15 minutes you charge.  There are few such units in the region to date and not all cars have the receptacle to accept this charging option.

Charging locations

There are a growing number of online maps and phone apps that can help you find the charging station nearest you – more stations are being installed every day.  A simple Web search for “public EV charging map” can help you find specific locations.