Incentives and Bonus Kickers

Additional incentives are available to Advanced Home Program participants who increase the energy efficiency of their projects. These ‘bonus’ kickers and incentives apply to design teams, solar projects that reduce peak demand, and residential new construction projects that achieve ENERGY STAR®, Green Home, and Compact Home certification.

Incentives begin when a home is designed to be a minimum of 15% better than the 2008 Title 24 Energy Code.

  • The minimum incentive is $1.72/therm, $0.43/kWh and $75/kW saved.
  • The incentive levels continue to increase until performance is 45% above code.
  • At that level, the incentives would be $5.14/therm, $1.29/kWh and $225/kW.

Baseline financial incentive

The baseline entry level of the program is 15% above the 2008 Title 24 building code with the incentive payments based on the final 2008 T-24 reports created and signed by a Certified Energy Plans Examiners (CEPE) and verified by a third-party HERS Rater. The incentives increase incrementally as the performance of the structure increases.

Here's the  structure of our baseline financial incentives:

You can find a calculator for the incentives in the Agreement which is based on the Utility calculation forms generated by the input file. You may be required to demonstrate the viability of the project youe are submitting.

  • The following ‘bonus’ kicker incentives are now available
    • Environmental Protection Agency ENERGYSTAR® for Homes bonus - 10% Bonus for builders who achieve final certification in the ENERGY STAR® Program.
    • Green Building Program bonus – 10% bonus for homes participating in recognized programs. At this time these are the California Green Builder, Green Point Rated and LEED-H.
    • Compact Home bonus – 15% bonus for building homes that are smaller than the CAHP published baseline square footage. This baseline will be determined by type of building and number of bedrooms, and will be updated annually.
    • kW Reduction bonus – Bonus calculated based on reduction of peak kW demand through the use of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels – This is a performance bonus calculated based on the peak kW production of the installed PV system; the base incentive rates will apply.
    • Design Team Incentive bonus – 50% up to $5,000. This incentive is earned by holding a charrette with the following attendees: Builder, Architect, Structural Engineer, Mechanical Engineer and/or contractor, Electrical Engineer, and/or contractor, Plumbing Engineer and/or contractor, Energy Consultant and Utility Energy Efficiency Representative. This is available for projects of 10 units or more.