You’re helping to fight climate change

Twice a year, millions of California residents receive a credit on their energy bill. Known as the “California Climate Credit”, it’s part of the state’s efforts to fight climate change. The credit comes from a state program to cut carbon pollution while also reducing energy costs.

Households receive a climate credit in April and October. Starting in 2019, the gas credit will be applied just once a year, in the spring. The 2018 gas credit is being given this spring, resulting in a larger than normal amount.

In April 2019, SDG&E’s natural gas and electric customers will receive a $65.26 bill credit. Here’s the breakdown:

$31.32 = 2019 electric credit
$33.94 = 2019 & 2018 natural gas credit

Electric only customers will receive the electric bill credit; likewise, natural gas customers will only receive the gas credit. Community Choice Aggregator (CCA) customers also receive the credit.

You don’t need to do anything to receive the credit – it’s automatically applied to your bill. The amounts vary among utilities. See what other customers in the state are getting and read some frequently asked questions.

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