Local Capacity Procurement Program

Cash Incentives for HVAC System Improvements

If you’re a building owner who wants to keep your property energy efficient but still keep it comfortable for tenants AND maximize your net operating income, the Local Capacity Procurement Program is your “triple play.” The program, administered by SDG&E and implemented by Willdan Energy Solutions, provides a cash incentive for owners who want to retrofit their HVAC system or replace their chiller.

This upgrade can help you:

  • Maximize net operating income

  • Maintain tenant comfort, while reducing energy costs

  • Minimize major energy consumption spikes during high occupancy periods or fluctuating weather patterns

  • Optimize complex heating, cooling and building automation systems

The LCPP program is best for:

  • All leased or rented commercial facilities

  • Owner-occupied commercial facilities used for banking, insurance, or retail merchandising; information services and telecommunications services

  • Businesses that perform routine support for day-to-day operations of organizations

Eligibility and Requirements  

  • The LCPP Owner Incentive Agreement must be executed prior to the installation of any equipment.

  • Projects must remain operational through 2023 and remain verifiable by Willdan and SDG&E.

  • Facility must be in SDG&E service territory.

  • The minimum requirement is ~100 tons of cooling (or ~ 40,000+ ft2 of conditioned space).

Additional Information