A One-Stop Solution to Finding Savings for Your Business

Our Comprehensive Audit Program provides qualifying business customers with a no-cost, high-level energy audit and analysis conducted by outside trade professionals and top-tier engineering talent (i.e., not performed by SDG&E). You’ll also be able to tap into an array of energy management services and program recommendations from one central source.

The 3 Phases of Bringing Your Savings to Light

Phase 1: Your Comprehensive Energy Audit

During the assessment, a comprehensive energy audit is performed by top-tier engineerings at no cost to you. The engineer will give you a complete report of improvements and energy efficiency measures you can make to save energy and money.

Phase 2: Using Your Report

Your personalized report delivers findings in one concise summary that is easy to understand and act upon. You’ll see how and where your energy is being consumed, a detailed analysis of all demand reduction and energy savings opportunities, and next steps to move forward.

Phase 3: Turning Knowledge into Action

Your report provides key action items and recommendation for specific SDG&E offerings such as demand response rates or programs to reduce your operating costs. An SDG&E Account Executive or engineer will review the report with you to help you take action.

Depending on the history and needs of your business, you’ll receive one of two types of audit:

Category 1 Audit: A high-level walkthrough that provides an equipment inventory and high-level payback estimates.

Category 2 Audit: A more detailed analysis of selected measures with investment-grade savings and financial calculations and deliverables. This audit is geared towards businesses who plan to implement recommended measures within 1 year of the audit being completed.

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Comprehensive Audit Program Fact Sheet
Comprehensive Audit Program Fact Sheet

Program Eligibility

The program is available to businesses that:

  • Have monthly on-peak demand of 100 kilowatts (kW) or greater for three consecutive months

  • Are billed on a SDG&E’s commercial, industrial, or agricultural Time-of-Use rate

  • Have occupied the premises for a minimum of six months

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