Energy Management Tool

There’s more to My Account than paying your bill. With the new online energy management tool, you can:

  • See an overview of your energy use

  • Get current bill and a forecasted bill for the month

  • Review your hourly, weekly or monthly energy use

  • Analyze your bill to see why it changes

  • Learn about energy-saving actions specific to your home

Easy Energy Management to Help You Save

To get started, log in to My Account and click on the My Energy tab. You’ll see an at-a-glance view of your energy information for your home or business. For a more detailed analyses of your costs and energy use, fill out the profiles and surveys. 

A Summary of Your Energy Use

  1. Bill-to-Date Estimate – Quick view of your cost-to-date and forecasted bill for the month.
  2. My Bill Highlights – Items that may cause your bill to change. Click on Bill Analysis to compare your bill side-by-side to see what caused your bill to change. Complete your Bill Analysis Profile for even more details.
  3. When Does My Home/Business Use Energy? - Monitor your energy use by the hour or day using these energy charts. If you're eligible to earn Reduce Your Use rewards, you can also see your personalized details if you click on My Energy Use Graphs.
  4. How Does My Business Use Energy? - Provide information about your business energy use habits for more accurate analyses of how your home or business uses energy and what actions you can take to save energy. Download this step-by-step guide first.
  5. How Does My Use Compare? - Look at your energy use compared to the same time period last year. Click on My Bill Details to view up to 13 past months of your bills.

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