Small Commercial Customers

These resources and programs are designed for commercial customers who use up to 20kW of energy per month. For example, convenience stores, retail, small offices, restaurants, private schools and non-profits.

Small Business

Energy Efficiency Solutions

From rebates to incentives, get custom solutions to help save energy and money.
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Financing for Upgrades

You may qualify for financing to make upgrades that lower your energy costs without paying anything more.
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Save with Thermostat Controls 

Managing your thermostats is a great way to reduce your business’ energy use while providing comfort and savings.

Smart thermostat incentives
Reduce AC usage and earn bill credit

Bill Credits and Incentives

If you can reduce your energy use when conservation is needed, we have different options to help you save.

Monthly bill credits for reducing energy
Install an energy management system and receive incentives
Set your energy goal and save

Pricing Plans

The right pricing plan for electricity can make a big difference in your cash flow and bottom line.

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Create Local Jobs and Save

Attract, retain or expand your company operations in SDG&E territory by receiving a discount on your electric bill.

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