“By buying new high-efficiency combination ovens and fryers, I was able to triple my food production without increasing my energy costs. We received $3,500 in rebates from SDG&E.”

Phil Pace, Owner Phil’s BBQ

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Our Restaurant and Food Service programs offer many ways to manage energy costs and save money.

Restaurants fact sheet

See Where Your Energy Dollar Goes

The chart below highlights the biggest energy users in Restaurants.

Pie chart highlights biggest energy users in restaurants

This chart shows where the most energy is used in a typical restaurant. HVAC, cooking and refrigeration account for over 70% of energy use. In addition, 78% of gas used goes to cooking and 20% goes to water heating.

[Data Source: Itron California Commercial End-Use Survey 2007]

Consider the following energy-saving tips

Install automatic door closers on walk-ins, keep plastic strip curtains clean, and maintain gaskets on refrigerator and freezer doors.

Implement a start up/shut-down schedule to reduce idle time and use controls to manage appliance energy consumption.

Install programmable thermostats and perform routine equipment maintenance on HVAC equipment to help maintain appropriate temperatures automatically by time-of-day and season.

Resources for your business

Programs & Services

Workshops & Training - Learn about energy-efficient options and best practices, uncover ways to reduce costs, and find out more about new energy standards

My Account - Make secure payments, manage your bill, and get your energy use information

Payment Options - Select from a variety of convenient and secure bill payment options.

kWickview® - Gives you real-time, online access to your electricity use data. This helps you make informed business decisions that can lead to savings.

Energy Waves - Access and download up to 17 months of detailed natural gas and electricity usage information and graphs of your consumption.

Demonstration Kitchen - Explore the latest in energy-efficient food service equipment at our Energy Innovation Center.

Rebates & Financial Incentives

Take an Energy Audit - You should consider taking the ENERGYSTAR® Benchmarking assessment before starting any major projects or upgrades.

Energy Efficiency Business Incentives - Earn cash incentives and reduce energy use by retrofitting or installing new equipment.

Energy Efficiency Business Rebates - Offset the cost of installing energy-efficient equipment.

Direct Install Program - Offers energy-efficient upgrades at no cost.

Premium Efficiency Cooling - Improve energy savings through the replacement of small commercial HVAC systems and commercial motors.

RCx Retrocommissioning Program - No-cost assessment of building operations and incentives for installing energy-saving improvements.

SaveGas - Offers a 24/7 monitored system to save natural gas and provide alerts when mechanical or temperature problems occur.

Interest-Free Financing - Finance the cost of energy-efficient upgrades through your SDG&E bill.

Rate Options For Your Business

A typical business is on a General Services rate schedule, which is the standard rate for your type of business. There may be optional rate schedules available to help you lower your energy bill.

Call our Business Contact Center at 1-800-336-7343 to review these optional rate schedules.

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Demand Response

Receive Peak-Time savings incentives with these programs:

Capacity Bidding - Earn monthly payments by pledging or “bidding” your power reduction levels.

Critical Peak Pricing - Earn a year-round rate discount by reducing your power usage on hot summer days.

Summer Saver - Earn bill credits for cycling your A/C during hot weather.

Additional Resources

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California Food Service Rebate Fact Sheet (pdf)

Food Service Technology Center

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Chefs de Cuisine Association

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