Non-aggregated Energy Usage Data Program

Access and Monitor Your Energy Use

Benchmarking is the process of measuring your building’s energy and water consumption and comparing it against past performance and to other similar buildings. The ENERGY STAR score is one of many ways to monitor the performance of your building in Portfolio Manager.

Portfolio Manager offers a variety of descriptive graphs and reports to visualize consumption trends and track the effectiveness of initiatives and improvements. Forty percent of U.S. commercial building space is benchmarked in Portfolio Manager.

Automated Benchmarking with Account Verification

Why would I want to receive non-aggregated data this way vs AB802 (aggregated data)?

  1. If you do not qualify under AB802 – you can use this method.
  2. If you are a building owner who owns ALL of the accounts in your building – you do NOT need to sign a Letter of Authorization (LOA) – just verify your accounts using this method.
  3. If you specifically want non-aggregated data, then use this method to verify accounts in your building.  You will need to obtain this information from your tenants if the accounts do NOT belong to you.

The following steps to be followed after setting up all properties and related meters, and connecting with SDGE Benchmarking (SDGE) Portfolio Manager User’s account.

  1. Open the Sharing tab, and select the properties that you want to receive energy usage data for. Select the account to share with SDGE Benchmarking (SDGE). Select Personalized Sharing & Exchange Data under Choose Permissions. Click Continue.
  2. On the next screen, select Exchange Data.
  3. The following pop-up window should appear. Select Full Access for Property Information and for each meter shown. For each meter also enter the Bill Account Number associated with that meter, as well as the Last Bill Amount for that account. Select No for Share Forward. Then click Apply Selections & Authorize Exchange.  Note: The meter number (referred to as the “Meter Name” in Portfolio Manager), along with the corresponding Bill Account Number and Last Bill Amount constitute what we refer to as the “Meter Trio”.
  4. You’ll now be returned to the Sharing tab. Click Share Property(ies) to complete the process.
  5. Select the MyPortfolio tab and then check Notifications area on the MyPortfolio page (the site’s home page) for confirmation of SDG&E sharing acceptance. Energy usage data will be uploaded after sharing is accepted by SDG&E.


Contact our Benchmarking Support team at [email protected].

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