“In today’s economy, budget pressures weigh heavily as government entities look for ways to reduce costs. Lowering energy use is a good place to start toward accomplishing this need.”

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We offer a wide range of customized solutions to help lower your electricity and natural gas costs and help you meet your fiscal and environmental goals.

See Where Your Energy Dollar Goes

Ever wondered how your business uses energy? The chart below highlights the biggest energy users in Office Buildings.

Large Office Building

This chart shows where the most energy is used in a typical large commercial building. Lighting and HVAC account for over 60% of energy use.

Consider the following energy saving tips

Installing installation of LEDs in common areas and changing out T8’s with T12 fluorescent lamps and magnetic ballasts with T8 or T5 tubes provides substantial energy savings with minimal impact on lighting quality.

Switch to variable-speed drives, allowing HVAC A/C motors to run slower than standard motors, increasing operating efficiency.

Install occupancy sensors in general usage areas so that lights turn on only when the area is occupied and automatically turn off when the area is not.

Utilizing induction lighting and quality LED street lighting may significantly enhance lifespan, reduce energy consumption and lower mainte­nance costs. 

Installing water flow restrictors and aerators, especially in sink faucets, lowers water-heating costs as well as water usage.

Resources for your business

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Rebates  that Serve Energy-Savings Goals

SDG&E has a number of programs that can reduce energy use and help you save some money at the same time.

Rebates & Incentives
Earn cash rebates when you replace existing equipment with newer, high-efficiency equipment.

Local Government Partnership Program
SDG&E’s Local Government Partnership (LGP) is designed to proactively work with municipalities to promote and create energy-efficiency, energy-conservation and demand-response opportunities.

Demand Response
Reduce your use and save money and electricity during periods of high energy demand.

Bill credits for conservation
Cycle your A/C unit during periods of high demand and
receive an annual bill credit.

Finance the cost of energy-efficient upgrades through your SDG&E bill.
Interest-free Financing  

Resources for Government

SDG&E Energy Savings Center  1-800-644-6133

International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives *
ICLEI seeks to achieve significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions by assisting local governments in taking action to reduce emissions, quantify their progress, and realize multiple benefits for their communities.

ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability USA  *

California Climate Action Network *
This network was formed to help California communities play a leadership role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preparing for the consequences of climate change.

Energy-Saving Solutions for Government

Energy Innovation Center 
SDG&E's state-of-the-art center for exploring the use energy-efficient technologies.

U.S Green Building Council  *

Association of Energy Engineers *

California Energy Commission  *

ENERGY STAR® Qualified Commercial LED Lighting  *


Small Business Association *

Rate Options For Your Business

A typical business is on a General Services rate schedule, which is the standard rate for your type of business. There may be optional rate schedules available to help you lower your energy bill.

Call our Business Contact Center at 1-800-336-7343 to review these optional rate schedules.

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