Aggregated Benchmarking Program (AB802)

Want to comply with AB802 and request aggregated data? If you have set up your properties and added your meters in Portfolio Manager, the next step is to create two "virtual meters" for each property that will allow aggregated energy usage data for the property to be downloaded. No data will be created for the physical meters you created in Portfolio Manager.

  • One for electric: TotElec 
  • One for gas: TotGas

Please note that the below examples use a test name for demonstration purposes. If you have added your meters your "name" would replace the demonstration name. To proceed and add these two meters please follow the steps outline below:

  1. Go to Energy tab click Add Meter:
  2. Now you can start setting up your two meters for aggregated data: Click Add Meters again. You should now be at the screen Get Started Setting Up Meters for (Property Name). Please note that some properties only have one type of energy. If so, then only checkmark the appropriate type.
    1. Checkmark Electric
    2. Then checkmark purchase from the grid
    3. Add your quantity to How many meters?
    4. Move down on the page and checkmark Natural Gas 
    5. Add your quantity to How many meters?
    6. Then proceed by clicking Get Started!​​

      ​​ ​​
  3. Enter the information about your meters:
    1. Meter Name should read for TotElec for Electric (Solar included) and TotGas for Natural gas.
    2. Other Type should be left blank.
    3. Units should read therms for Natural Gas and kWh for Electric.
    4. Under Date Meter became Active enter 1/1/1990.
    5. Under In Use? checkmark if it is in use or uncheck if it is not in use. If it is not in use (or inactive) enter the date in the next column.
    6. Under Enter as Delivery? leave the box unchecked.
    7. ​Click Create MetersThese two meters are required to receive automated aggregated data. No data will be created for the physical meters you created in Portfolio Manager.
      Please note: The active date, to be benchmarked for, can be anything before the first day of the 12-month period. For example, if one wants to benchmark for the period 1/1/2015 to 12/31 2015, the active date must be 12/31/2014 or earlier.

  4. You should see a message in a green box: Click on continue with setting up your meters to set the metrics. 

  5. You will now select your energy meters to include in the metrics.

    1. Click only the two created for aggregated data: TotElec and TotGas and a checkmark will appear in the box.  If you only have one energy type, you will only see one box.

    2. Select the first bubble: these meter(s) account for the total energy consumption for (your property name) (a single building).

    3. Click Apply Selection.

  6. Next you will select permissions for Web Services.

    1. Select Full Access for your meters.

    2. Click on Apply Selections and Authorize Exchange.

  7. You should now see a congratulations message if you were successful in adding your meter(s) on your main portfolio tab.

Creating your Template to request aggregated data 

  1. Go to the My Portfolio tab in your main Portfolio. Go to the bottom left and click on Upload and/or update properties.  

  2. Go to the Edit and Manage Information area and click on the blue box located on the right side of the page: Create an Upload Template.

  3. You should now be at the Create a Custom Upload Template page.

    1. For #1 Select the Task You are Performing select the second bubble Add Bills to Existing Meters (i.e., meter consumption information).

    2. In #2 Select Properties to Include use the drop down to select Multiple Properties.

    3. For  #3 Select Detailed Information to Include your energy meter types.

      1. select Electric and purchased from the grid. Then indicate in the box how many bills for this type of meter (per property) there are.

      2. Select Natural Gas. Then indicate in the box how many bills for this type of meter (per property) there are.

    4. Click on Create & Download Template to create a excel spreadsheet located at the bottom of your screen.

  4. Open the template and follow the instructions. Please note that there are three tabs (Instructions, Add Bills-Electricity and Add Bills-Non Electric) located in the excel spreadsheet towards the bottom.

  5. Save the document with your company name.

  6. Request your aggregated data by emailing the document to [email protected]. Requesters of the aggregated data will need to provide building ownership documents (i.e., mortgage statement, deed, property management agreement) per building to receive their aggregated data.

  7. Once we have received the building ownership documents along with your request for the aggregated data, you will then receive an excel document (sent to the e-mail that we received the request from) that has your aggregated data.  This is if the documents received are validated with no discrepancies. There may also be additional steps that need to be taken if the number of account holders in your building does not meet a certain threshold as mandated by AB802.  Letters of Authorization may be needed from the account holders in your building. If there are additional processes that must take place before we release the aggregated data, we will contact you. Please make sure to note the Gas and Electric tabs at the bottom of the excel document.

  8. It is important that you include the following information in your email when sending your request for your aggregated data:

    1. Requestor Name:
    2. Requestor’s Business Name (if applicable):
    3. Requestor’s Contact Phone Number:
    4. Requestor’s Contact Email Address:
    5. Building Ownership Documents PER BUILDING
    6. Spreadsheet from ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager