SDG&E's Business
Energy Solutions Program:
a seamless, one-stop-shop experience

PROGRAM UPDATE: BES is available to local government and public higher education customers for a limited time.  Audits must be completed by June 30, 2022 and installation must be completed by August 31, 2022. 

Business Energy Solutions

NOTE: The Business Energy Solutions (BES) program is designed for local government and public higher education  customers. For commercial customers, there are two new energy efficiency programs available now. Please refer to the Small Commercial Program or the Large Commercial Comprehensive Energy Management Systems program.

Get a customized road map for energy-saving improvements with SDG&E’s Business Energy Solutions (BES) Program. Local government and public higher education customers get an onsite, no-cost energy audit with a report on potential savings. The report shows you areas to save energy, along with recommendations on energy efficiency upgrades. BES contractors install products at no cost, and products are offered at a discount or at no cost. You'll work with one contractor from start to finish.

For more information, call 1.800.644.6133,  email [email protected] or download the fact sheet.


  1. Check out our current product catalog with over 100 measures from lighting to foodservice, many offered at no cost!
  2. Eligible customers can apply for On-Bill Financing to cover the co-pay portion of their projects. Ask your assigned Business Energy Solutions contractor for more information on the streamlined process. 

SDG&E has selected Staples Energy to implement this program.

This program is now available to all local government and public higher education customers.

We know that you have a business to run so our contractor offers flexible scheduling and strives to minimize disruptions to your employees and/or your customers. We would like to provide process and timing, but the factors vary in each situation (for example availability, number of measures to be inspected, building size, etc.).  Therefore, we will provide you with the key steps of the process:


Our contractor will work with you to schedule a no-cost energy audit at a time that works best for you.  The duration of the no-cost energy checkup depends on several factors like size of the business and equipment to be inspected. Upon completion, our contractor will meet with you to discuss their findings and set up the next steps.


The process and timing for this depend on the number of agreed-upon upgrades and your availability. Our first priorities are safety and quality of work, but please know that our contractor aims to be as efficient as possible and minimize disruptions to your business.

Post Installation

Our contractor will conduct a post-installation walk-through to make sure that everything was completed to your satisfaction. 

This program is funded by California utility customers and administered by San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E®) under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission. This programs may be modified or terminated without prior notice and program funds are provided to qualified customers on a first-come, first-served basis until program funds are no longer available. Eligibility requirements apply. SDG&E is not responsible for goods and services selected by customers. The selection, purchase, and ownership of goods are the sole responsibility of customer. SDG&E makes no warranty, whether express or implied, including the warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, of goods selected by customer. Customers who choose to participate in these programs are not obligated to purchase any additional goods or services offered by participating contractors.