2020 Application of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Data to Advanced Utility System Operations – Phasing Information and Automatic Mapping RFP

EPIC Project Background and RFP Description

The California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”) established the Electric Program Investment Charge (“EPIC”) to assist the development of non-commercialized new and emerging clean energy technologies in California while providing assistance to commercially viable projects. EPIC is a nine-year authorization covering calendar years 2012-2020. EPIC consists of three program categories: (1) Applied research and development; (2) Technology demonstration and deployment (TD&D); and (3) Market facilitation, consisting of market research, regulatory permitting and streamlining, and workforce development activities. EPIC activities must be designed to produce electricity ratepayer benefits for San Diego Gas & Electric (“SDG&E”), Pacific Gas and Electric (“PG&E”), and Southern California Edison (“SCE”) customers. The annual EPIC budget of $162 million is collected from customers in electric utility bills at the following levels: PG&E (50.1%), SCE (41.1%), and SDG&E (8.8%).

The California Energy Commission (“CEC”) administers 80% of the funding with the ability to invest in all of the approved EPIC activities; SDG&E, PG&E and SCE administer 20% of the funding with funding shares proportional to their respective collections and are limited to investing only in TD&D. SDG&E’s EPIC triennial investment applications and the CPUC Decisions regarding those applications and establishing EPIC programmatic requirements are available in SDG&E’s public EPIC website: http://www.sdge.com/epic

This project seeks to demonstrate and assess developed analytical approaches to phase identification and meter-to-transformer mapping that can enhance utility system operations and thereby improve the customer experience, in terms of costs and reliability. The end objective of this project module is to discover, evaluate, and demonstrate a set of potential data analytics driven approaches to phase identification and meter-to-transformer mapping, keeping in mind the greatest benefit to SDG&E, its customers, and other stakeholders today. An additional objective is to discover potential other data driven applications of AMI data that are being developed in the industry.

The purpose of this RFP is to solicit competitive bids to furnish and deliver certain services to Company, as further described herein. The information submitted in response to this RFP will be used to identify and evaluate Bidders who can provide, among other things, the most effective capabilities, quality, customer service, and competitive prices for the services performed.

Contact Information

To be added to this RFP, please email your interest to [email protected] by March 5, 2020. Include your company’s full legal name, point of contact for this RFP (only 1 person may be identified), and email address.

Submitting Proposals

All documents pertaining to the RFP, including instructions for completing and submitting a response for the RFP, will be found on the PowerAdvocate site, www.poweradvocate.com. Prior to the RFP release date and time, you will receive an email from me that is system generated by PowerAdvocate containing a link and instructions for registration to access the PowerAdvocate site if you elect to participate. All proposals must be submitted no later than 5pm PPT (Pacific Prevailing Time) on March 23, 2020.

RFP Communication

During the RFP period Bidders and all interested companies must submit all RFP subject matter questions via PowerAdvocate. Do not contact any Company employee in regard to this RFP subject matter. Contact with respect to the subject matter of this RFP, with any other current or former Company employee(s) is grounds for disqualification from participating in the RFP process.

RFP Schedule

The following schedule and deadlines apply to this RFP. SDG&E reserves the right to revise this schedule at any time and at SDG&E's sole discretion.


Action Item

Due Date


RFP distributed at 12:00pm PST

February 24, 2020


Intent to Bid (Response Due)

March 5, 2020


Conduct Bidder’s Conference Via SKYPE

March 6, 2020


Questions due from Bidders

March 11, 2020


Questions answered by Company

March 13, 2020


Response to RFP due at 5:00pm PST

March 23, 2020


Notification of project award

April 2020


Contract negotiations

April to May 2020


Estimated project start date

June 2020