2014 Resource Adequacy Solicitation

SDG&E is issuing this Request for Proposals (“RFP”) to solicit Bids and Offers involving Resource Adequacy (“RA”) capacity including Local San Diego-IV RA, System RA, Local-for-System swaps, NP-15 for SP-15 swaps, as well as Import RA and Import Allocations.  By replying to this RFP Respondents are bound by its terms.

This website provides an overview of the market solicitation.  Respondents are strongly encouraged to download the RFP Description document, available below, to fully understand all aspects of this RFP.

2014 RA RFP Description (pdf)

Products Solicited

Respondents may submit proposals for any or all of the below RA-related Products. 

Product ID Bid Product ID Offer
1a System RA
SDG&E sells System RA (NP-15 or SP-15)
1a System RA
SDG&E buys System RA (NP-15 or SP-15)
2a Local SD-IV
SDG&E sells Local SD-IV RA
2b Local SD-IV
SDG&E buys Local SD-IV RA
3a System RA Swap
NP-15 System RA for SP-15 System RA Swap
SDG&E sells System NP-15 RA | SDG&E buys System SP-15 RA
3b System RA Swap
SP-15 System RA for NP-15 System RA Swap
SDG&E buys System NP-15 RA | SDG&E sells System SP-15 RA
4a Local for System RA Swap
Local SD-IV for System (NP-15 or SP-15)
SDG&E sells System SD-IV RA | SDG&E buys System RA (NP-15 or SP-15)
4b Intentionally Left Blank
5a Intentionally Left Blank 5b Import RA
RA sold at select intertie scheduling points / Branch Groups*
SDG&E buys import RA
6a Intentionally Left Blank 6b Bilateral CAISO RA Import Allocation Transfer
Import allocatios sold at Intertie Scheduling Points / Branch Groups
SDG&E buys Import Allocations
*SDG&E has intertie RA import allocations at the following Scheduling Points: MALIN500, MEAD230, NOB, PVWEST, and WESTWING500 which may be used to facilitate import-RA transactions
Respondents may offer Import RA at other intertie points if import allocations at those locations are included in the proposal.

More detailed information about this RFP, its requirements, and these Products is contained in the RFP Description document which is available through this link: RFP Description (pdf)


Solicitation Submittal Documents

Participation in this RFP requires the completion of the Proposal Form & the Confirmation Template.  These documents are available via the links below.  Failure to provide the listed information may result in the proposal being deemed non-conforming and thus may disqualify the proposal from further consideration.  Multiple proposals are acceptable.

Proposal Form (xls)

Confirmation Template (doc)

Credit Application (doc)Although not required as part of the original proposal, any Respondent selected for the shortlist must promptly submit this Credit Application with the required supporting information.  You are advised to become familiar with this application and be prepared to timely submit it so as to not slow down your Proposal’s evaluation.


RFP Schedule

The following are the key deadlines that apply to this RFP. SDG&E reserves the right to revise this schedule at anytime and at SDG&E's sole discretion. Respondents are responsible for accessing the RFP website for updated schedules and possible amendments to the RFP or the solicitation process.

2013 Date Event
Tuesday, Aug 27

SDG&E issues Request for Proposals

Wednesday, Sep 4

Pre-bid Conference Call

Thursday, Sep 5

Deadline to submit clarifying questions

Tuesday, Sep 10

Deadline for submitting RFP Proposals


Shortlist notified

Tuesday, Sep 17

Negotiations begin

2014 RFP Timeline

2014 RFP Timeline

SDG&E reserves the right to revise this schedule at any time and in SDG&E’s sole discretion. Respondents are responsible for monitoring the RFP Website for updates and possible amendments to the RFP or the solicitation process.

RFP Communication

ALL questions or other communications regarding this Resource Adequacy RFP should be submitted via email to [email protected] with a CC to [email protected] (Independent Evaluator). Questions and their answers will be posted on this website anonymously soon after receipt.

RFP Announcements

Respondents are encouraged to check this RFP Website periodically for updates, notices, and postings.  SDG&E will post all solicitation announcements, including scheduling changes or RFP amendments to this website.  In particular, check the RFP website for (i) details on the pre-bid conference call and (ii) posting of answers to submitted questions. 

Updated 9/9/13

Questions & Answers (Q&A) regarding the RFP are available here: 2014 RA RFP-Q&A.pdf

NOTE: Proposals are due 3PM Tuesday, September 10, 2013.

NEWS & UPDATES - 9/6/13

Check back for the posting of the Questions & Answers (Q&A) regarding the RFP. 

These should be posted by the COB Friday, September 6, 2013.

SDG&E is offering an RFP Participants’ Conference Call for those considering making a proposal into SDG&E’s RA Request For Proposals (RFP).  During this Conference Call we will (i) Have an Anti-Trust Statement read, (ii) study the calendar and timeline, (iii) review the RFP process including Proposal Forms, (iv) discuss the products requested, and (v) address any questions you may have.  This will be a dial-in conference call only and you are welcomed to join us, however, participation in the Conference Call is not mandatory for those ultimately submitting a proposal – but it may make your life a bit easier!

SDG&E 2014 RA RFP Participants’ Conference Call

When: Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Time: 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. PPT

Phone:  (800) 423-1988    Pass Code: 1622443

Please note that an SDG&E attorney and the Independent Evaluator will be present on the call.

Submitting Proposals

Proposals should be submitted via email in accordance with the instructions contained in the RFP Description document, available above.  All proposals must be submitted no later than 3pm PPT (Pacific Prevailing Time) on September 10, 2013 to [email protected] with a CC to [email protected] (Independent Evaluator).  Please note that no late bids will be accepted.


Questions and Answers

There are no questions at this time.


To be added to future RFP distribution lists, please email your interest to [email protected].

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Questions & Answers
Questions & Answers