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San Diego Gas & Electric Named National Climate Leader For Second Consecutive Year

Environmental, General

Utility Recognized for Sustainable Business Practices, “Greening” the Supply Chain

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 28, 2013 – San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) will be nationally recognized tonight with the Supply Chain Leadership Award at the second annual Climate Leadership Awards in Washington, D.C. The Climate Leadership Awards recognize organizations that go beyond business as usual in the management and reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and are presented by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Association of Climate Change Officers (ACCO), the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES) and The Climate Registry (TCR).

The Supply Chain Leadership Award is being presented to SDG&E for being a leader with comprehensive GHG inventories, aggressive emissions reduction goals and leading edge management of GHGs in their supply chains.

“At SDG&E, environmental stewardship is a corporate value and an important part of our culture,” said Pamela J. Fair, SDG&E vice president, environmental and operations support and chief environmental officer. “We have a holistic and comprehensive view on sustainability and proactively look at incorporating sustainable best practices in everything we do.”

SDG&E is receiving the award tonight at the Climate Leadership Conference held in Washington D.C. The national awards program recognizes and encourages exemplary corporate, organizational, and individual leadership in reducing carbon pollution and addressing climate change.  Last year, SDG&E was awarded the Organizational Leadership Award for taking aggressive actions to reduce their carbon footprint. 

“I commend SDG&E for leading by example with their outstanding actions to help reduce carbon pollution,” said Gina McCarthy, assistant administrator for EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation. "SDG&E and all our Climate Leadership Award winners are tackling the challenge of climate change with practical, common sense and cost-effective solutions to improve efficiency and cut waste.”

Over the past year, SDG&E collaborated with key suppliers to develop innovative programs to reduce the company’s environmental impact such as:

  • Designed more efficient, lower-carbon ways to build concrete vaults
  • Installed more environmentally friendly utility poles
  • Right-sized the lengths of electrical cable to reduce waste
  • Recycled assets taken out of service and diverted 16 million pounds of materials from landfills
  • Sourced certified “green” chemicals for janitorial services
  • Increased use of recycled, rather than non-recycled, paper for required business needs and minimized paper usage with double-sided printing
  • Launched a pilot Supplier Relationship Management program to track sustainability metrics with four key suppliers

“We are ‘greening’ our entire value chain – beginning with our suppliers – by challenging them to provide us with more sustainable solutions and greener products,” said Fair.  “We challenge ourselves and our employees to continuously pursue more sustainable ways to operate our business and to provide service to our customers.  Finally, we work every day with all our customers to offer programs and information to help them save energy.”

SDG&E continues to focus on achieving aggressive targets for renewable energy procurement, delivering innovative energy efficiency customer programs, and encouraging the use of alternate fueled vehicles, among other initiatives.

SDG&E is a regulated public utility that provides safe and reliable energy service to 3.4 million consumers through 1.4 million electric meters and more than 860,000 natural gas meters in San Diego and southern Orange counties.  The utility’s area spans 4,100 square miles.  SDG&E is committed to creating ways to help customers save energy and money every day.  SDG&E is a subsidiary of Sempra Energy (NYSE: SRE), a Fortune 500 energy services holding company based in San Diego.  


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Right-sizing cable lengths to reduce waste, reusing cable spools and using higher-efficiency cable that needs replacing less often are just some of the ways SDG&E is working to reduce its impact on the environment.
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At SDG&E, environmental stewardship is a corporate value and an important part of company culture
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SDG&E Named National Climate Leader for Supply Chain Management

The San Diego Engineering Community Recognizes the Sunrise Powerlink with Prestigious Award

General, Sunrise Powerlink

SDG&E has been awarded the “Outstanding Engineering Project Award” for 2013 for the Sunrise Powerlink.  The San Diego County Engineering Council presented the award to Mike Niggli and Patrick Lee during a ceremony at the University of San Diego during National Engineer Week.

“With such a monumental task ahead of us that encompassed both overhead and underground construction, a wide array of environmental regulations and habitat schedules to adhere to, we needed the best engineering minds to create a project schedule to get this job done, said SDG&E’s vice president of the Sunrise Powerlink, Patrick Lee.  “This award is a testament to the imagination and dedication of our employees and contracted engineering partners to tackle such a challenging assignment.”

The Sunrise Powerlink, which was put into service last June, is one of the largest and most significant projects in SDG&E’s history.  Construction included thousands of helicopter flights to ferry crews and material to the construction sites along the route.  The total weight of the 438 transmission structures was 13,200 tons of steel.  More than 1,135 miles of overhead high-voltage wire was used which if laid end to end would reach San Diego to San Antonio.

The San Diego engineering community recognizes that the Sunrise Powerlink is an exceptionally outstanding technical achievement and is the project of the year. 

San Diego Gas & Electric Declares Preferred Dividends


SAN DIEGO, Feb. 27, 2013 – The board of directors of San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) has declared regular quarterly dividends for the preferred and preference series stock of the company as follows:



Cumulative Preferred 5% Series                           $0.25 per share

Cumulative Preferred 4.60% Series                      $0.23 per share

Cumulative Preferred 4.50% Series                      $0.225 per share

Cumulative Preferred 4.40% Series                      $0.22 per share

Preference Stock (Cumulative) $1.70 Series         $0.425 per share

Preference Stock (Cumulative) $1.82 Series         $0.455 per share

The dividends are payable on April 15, 2013 to shareholders of record at the close of business on March 10, 2013.

SDG&E is a regulated public utility that provides safe and reliable energy service to 3.4 million consumers through 1.4 million electric meters and 860,000 natural gas meters in San Diego and southern Orange counties.  The utility’s area spans 4,100 square miles.  SDG&E is committed to creating ways to help customers save energy and money every day.  SDG&E is a subsidiary of Sempra Energy (NYSE: SRE), a Fortune 500 energy services holding company based in San Diego. 


Careers in Energy Week: Building California’s Future Energy Industry Workforce

Community, General

Late last year, SDG&E joined other California utilities to launch Careers in Energy Week, an initiative that was commemorated by California Gov. Jerry Brown as part of a nationwide effort to promote science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and address the need for a qualified and diverse energy industry workforce.

“By supporting programs like Careers in Energy Week, SDG&E hopes to help schools prepare our next generation of leaders for the future,” said Nancy Smith-Taylor, SDG&E’s manager of diversity & workforce management. “After reading the many essays from this program, I am optimistic that many of the students that participated will pursue careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math and possibly help us to build our future workforce.”

Promoting higher education

The program targets high schools, community colleges, and universities and helps reinforce the viable opportunities around STEM curriculum within the energy industry. During Careers in Energy Week, students were given the opportunity to win cash prizes through essay writing contests and innovation idea challenges around the theme: STEM - powering the future workforce of the energy industry.

On February 6, SDG&E hosted a Career in Energy Week Reception at SDG&E’s Energy Innovation Center to thank the teachers and students for their participation and announce the winner of the essay contest.

Essay Contest winner

During the reception, SDG&E awarded James Diestel from San Diego High School with the grand prize for submitting the winning essay about the importance of STEM education.  Click here to read James’ winning essay.

“I would like to thank SDG&E for understanding that these kids are our future and programs like Careers in Energy Week are extremely important in helping my students learn more about STEM education,” said Jennifer Ducat, teacher from San Diego High School.

Click here to learn more about Careers in Energy Week

Students from San Diego High School Celebrate Careers in Energy Week at SDG&E’s Energy Innovation Center
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Planning to dig? Remember to call 811 before you dig

General, Safety

Before digging in your garden or at a construction site remember to call 811 to have utility-owned lines marked before digging in the garden or at construction sites at least two days before you plan to dig. Calling 811 or Underground Service Alert will help avoid possible injury or damage to hidden gas lines or service interruption. Underground Service Alert is free and they will contact SDG&E and other area utilities. Each utility will then locate and mark the underground lines, pipes and cables they own. Even if relatively minor projects are involved, such as putting up a new wall or fence, building a deck, planting or removing large trees or any other renovations, the digging necessary for these projects can result in hitting gas lines if they aren't located prior to the work. 

If you suspect a gas leak
  • Stay calm.
  • Don’t light a match, candle or cigarette, and don’t turn any electrical devices on or off, including light switches, or use any device or equipment that could cause a spark.
  • Don’t attempt to control the leak or repair the damaged pipe or meter.
  • Immediately evacuate the area where the leak is suspected and from a safe location call SDG&E at (800) 411-7343 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or call 911.

For more safety information, visit

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