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Local organizations excel in green job training & education through A Green Future Project

SDG&E recently hosted a celebration lunch recognizing dozens of Workforce Education & Training partners involved with the grant program A Green Future Project. SDG&E awarded Green Future grants to several organizations over the past several months. The grant program aimed to provide funding for green job training and education to organizations supporting K-12 schools, trade schools, colleges/universities, underserved communities, veterans, minority and low-income groups. 

SDG&E received 60 responses to the RFP solicitation that was sent out, and 24 proposals were approved representing more than $500,000 in awards.

“SDG&E is proud to collaborate with and support our Workforce Education & Training partners and help make our sustainable future a little greener,” said Caroline Winn, SDG&E’s vice president of customer services.

Below are some highlights of just a handful of the outstanding grant recipient efforts:

Cuyamaca College

  • A contract was awarded to Cuyamaca College to provide students with 92 hours of green career exploration. Students learned from industry professionals from a variety of fields including building performance, energy retrofits, and solar photovoltaics among others.  Students also received 16 hours of “on the job training” installing solar panels on low-income homes through partnership with GRID Alternatives.
  • One student remarked, “This program has given me experiences in a field that I never thought of as a career choice. I learned how to make the environment a cleaner and safer place. I will use this new knowledge to better myself. Thank you!” -Mollyda T.
  • Every student from the California Conservation Corp who participated in the grant program also received two hours of one-on-one career and educational counseling as well as a personalized career plan from a certified guidance counselor from the college. As another student commented, “I never would have thought I would attend college. This was an awesome experience for me. I would definitely return for more classes.” –Valentino B.

Able-Disabled Advocacy

  • A $20,000 grant was awarded to provide at-risk youth with on-the-job training. The program paired student teams with income-qualified homeowners to install energy efficiency improvements ranging from insulation to new windows. While homeowners received lower energy bills, the students gained valuable job skills and community service hours.

Bayside Community Center

  • This non-profit organization serves youth from San Diego’s Linda Vista neighborhood, known for its refugee resettlement of newcomers from Asia, Africa and Latin America. Many of its residents speak English as a second language.  A $6,000 contract was awarded for high-school age students to participate in “green” career workshops as well as internships and job shadowing opportunities. The community center partnered with the University of San Diego’s Center for Community Service Learning.
Pictured above, on April 29 SDG&E joined several local organizations who received grants through A Green Future Project to celebrate their efforts and successes at the Energy Innovation Center
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