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Alan Dulgeroff recognized during National Engineers Week

Director of SDG&E’s IT Enterprise and Corporate Systems, Alan Dulgeroff, honored during National Engineers Week in San Diego for his outstanding leadership in engineering outreach

Alan Dulgeroff, director of Information Technology (IT) Enterprise and Corporate Systems for San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), was recently honored by the San Diego County Engineering Council during National Engineers Week (NEW) with the Outstanding Leadership in Engineering Outreach award.  Nominated by his peers, Dulgeroff was recognized for his academic outreach to encourage and support future engineers.

“It was most impressive to meet the men and women who have benefited from Alan’s work and support,” said Dawn Welch, senior director of IT and Application Services for SDG&E. “These young professionals are following in Alan’s footsteps and also supporting the next generation of engineers. It is incredible to see.”

As part of his diversity outreach efforts, Dulgeroff provided support and partnered with multiple student organizations to help get more young people informed and interested in engineering as a profession.

“There are so many individuals and organizations throughout the county that are doing incredible work to promote engineering and how the profession can truly benefit society through innovation and technology,” said Dulgeroff. “We should all feel proud of the broad support we provide to help the next generation of engineers succeed.”

Prior to his role as director in IT, Dulgeroff held the position of director of Asset Management and Smart Grid Projects. During his 19 years with SDG&E, Dulgeroff held 11 previous leadership and technical positions in nine areas of the company’s electric and gas transmission and distribution engineering, construction, and operations and maintenance groups.  He also serves on the San Diego State University Electrical and Computer Engineering Advisory Board and chairs the SDG&E Management Advisory Group, steering engineering development.

The National Engineers Week Foundation is a formal coalition of more than 100 professional societies, major corporations and government agencies dedicated to ensuring a diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce.  Although NEW is a nationwide event, each major county throughout the country hosts their own local events.

SDG&E was one of this year’s awards banquet sponsors hosted by the San Diego County Engineering Council at the University of San Diego. The theme was based on the projected world population – “7 billion people, 7 billion dreams. Engineers make dreams a reality.”  

“We are proud of Alan and the work he does in the community,” said Greg Gonzalez, diversity and workforce planning staffing manager for SDG&E.  “At SDG&E we are very active in supporting and promoting diversity in engineering and throughout the company. We are fortunate to have Alan on our team to help with those efforts.”