SDG&E Expands on Commitment to Green Button Initiative in 2013

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Total of 12 Green Button Connect apps now available for SDG&E customers

In 2013, San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) continued expanding on the commitment to Green Button technology, with both Green Button Download My Data and Green Button Connect My Data functionality available to both residential and business customers to manage their energy use and find new ways to save energy.

Customers can now log into My Account and authorize 12 new apps to receive and analyze their energy data automatically. This represents the beginning of a steady stream of new Green Button apps coming soon for SDG&E customers, with approximately 20 apps expected to be connected by SDG&E this year.

SDG&E customers have had easy access to their energy usage since December 2011 with the introduction of Green Button Download My Data, with even more choices and features available since Green Button Connect My Data was launched in December 2012. Moving forward, SDG&E continues to support the Green Button initiative and plans for enhancements in the future.

Apps now available for SDG&E customers through Green Button Connect include:


  • Bidgely's innovative energy management platform allows users to control how they spend on energy with appliance-specific profiling insights. This takes the guesswork out of savings with highly personalized energy saving tips. These features are available via web and mobile applications.

Candi PowerTools enabled by SDG&E

  • Use PowerTools to view your electric energy use data and get tips that can help you save energy. PowerTools is currently available for web, mobile web, Apple iOS and Android platforms.


  • EnergyAI offers deep analytics that identify energy savings opportunities in commercial, retail, institutional and industrial facilities.


  • View your energy consumption alongside your cooling and heating run time (requires compatible Wi-Fi thermostat). See how your thermostat settings affect your heating/cooling activity and your energy costs, all in a single interface. Use your data to track and monitor your energy use over time.

Energy Usage Management by IncentForce

  • Incentforce's Energy Usage Information applications provides you energy use information and alerts through various communications channels - Web, Mobile, Email, and SMS. This system helps you understand your energy use and save energy and money. Incentforce's Social Energy application incentivizes behavioral changes buy conceptualizing energy conservation as good community behavior with anonymous rankings in addition to savings per month.

ERA CPP by Joule Assets, Inc.

  • Find out whether your business can save money under SDG&E’s Critical Peak Pricing (CPP) rate schedule. With Joule’s Energy Reduction Assets (ERA) suite of market analysis software tools, commercial and industrial users can identify demand-response and energy-efficiency measures, and calculate the value of implementing those measures. The ERA CPP calculator also compares your electric bill under your current rate schedule and SDG&E's CPP rate schedule. Based on your meter data, ERA CPP provides the information you need to choose the best tariff for your business.

Ergy by Echo Labs

  • View detailed energy use data in smarter, more efficient ways from web browsers, tablets and smart phones. See when energy demands are high and low compared to average use. Monitor long and short-term consumption tendencies. Understand energy use in high resolution to spot trends and anomalies sooner. Aggregate multiple sites and meters to one display.

MRPRO™ by Papro’s, Inc.

  • MRPRO offers a variety of services and products for residential and commercial businesses. Services include setting up energy-use profiles, carbon calculations and energy totals across multiple facilities (commercial only). MRPRO can be purchased as a one-time service or on an ongoing basis. The on-going service has a minimum one-year commitment.

PEV4Me by True Labs

  • See how much you can save driving an electric vehicle (EV). Compare multiple electric rate plans offered by SDG&E to determine the best plan for charging your EV at home based on your expected driving needs and past home electricity use.

SCP™ - Smart Customer Portal by Smart Utility Systems

  • Smart Utility Systems (SUS) offers its clients the most advanced Smart Grid Green Button data enabled customer engagement solution within the energy and utilities industry. SUS's technology agnostic SCP™ - Smart Customer Portal application gives utility customers the tools and information they need and want to manage their unique energy needs wherever they are around the clock.

SmartHome™ by WeatherBug

  • SmartHome™ by WeatherBug gives deep insight into your home's energy use, correlated to real-time data and long-term forecasts from the world's largest weather network, so you can save energy and money.

Smart leak detector™ by PowWow Energy

  • The smart leak detector™ helps ranchers and farmers find leaks in irrigation systems early, so repairs can be made to minimize loss of water, energy and money. Join PowWow and check your energy use in just one click. If you use water pumps for irrigation, you can subscribe to the smart leak detector service. PowWow uses patent-pending technology to track water pumps and will send an alert via text message when a leak is detected.

Green Button Connect My Data is an automated, more advanced level of the initial Green Button data download tool, and the next step in the industry-led Green Button initiative. To date, more than 33,000 energy data downloads have taken place through SDG&E’s Green Button Download My Data tool, and more than 2,800 Green Button Connect downloads. Through Green Button Connect My Data, customers can now authorize third parties to securely access their energy usage data on an automated and daily basis.

SDG&E customers can authorize these apps to receive data by logging into My Account from a desktop or tablet computer, clicking on the My Energy tab, clicking on Green Button Connect My Data under the Related Links tab on the right,  and following the instructions to select a tool or service. These apps are available in addition to SDG&E’s apps already available for customers.