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Three more solar energy projects in Imperial Valley connect to the grid; now sending power over the Sunrise Powerlink to SDG&E customers

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Over the past couple weeks, the Centinela Solar Energy facility (170 MW), Campo Verde Solar facility (139 MW) and the Imperial Valley Solar 1 facility (200 MW) officially started generating and delivering power to the grid via the Sunrise Powerlink.

When completely finished, the three projects will generate a combined total of more than 500 MW of clean solar energy.  To accommodate the interconnection of these projects, SDG&E and several solar developers just completed construction of the new Drew Switchyard and corresponding tie lines.  The initial design of the interconnections began two years ago.

“Congratulations to the entire team for completing the Drew Switchyard in a timely manner and delivering this new clean energy to SDG&E’s customers,” said SDG&E’s senior vice president of Power Supply, Jim Avery.  “This was a project that required a great deal of coordination with our renewable partners and is an extremely important step forward in our vision for a renewable future.”

These solar projects are three of ten renewable projects SDG&E has signed agreements with in the Imperial Valley, totaling more than 1,200 MW of power that will utilize the Sunrise Powerlink put into service last year.

The first Imperial Valley solar project, Tenaska Imperial South, began generating power earlier this year and the first wind project, Ocotillo Express, began generating power this past December.  When all five of these projects are complete, more than 900 MW of renewable energy will have been connected to the Sunrise Powerlink.

Several other solar projects in Imperial Valley are under construction and will begin generating power over the next couple of years. 

An aerial view shows the Centinela Solar Energy facility to the left of the Drew Switchyard with the CSOLAR IC South solar facility behind it
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An aerial view shows the newly completed Drew Switchyard in Imperial County, which will interconnect several solar energy projects to SDG&E’s grid
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