Sycamore to Penasquitos 230 kV Transmission Line Project Videos

Project Tour


Segment A

Begins at the existing Sycamore Canyon Substation located near the northern boundary of Marine Corp Air Station Miramar and travels overhead for approximately 8.3 miles in existing SDG&E right-of-way to Carmel Valley Road.

Segment B

Begins near Black Mountain Ranch Community Park within existing SDG&E right- of-way and continues underground westward within the franchise position in Carmel Valley Road for approximately 2.8 miles

Segment C

Heads southward from Carmel Valley Road in existing SDG&E right-of-way. The transmission line will continue overhead for approximately 2.2 miles until reaching an intersection of several existing power and transmission lines located near the end of Park Village Drive.    

Segment D

Near Park Village Drive the transmission line will turn west and continue overhead for approximately 3.3 miles with the line ultimately terminating at the existing Penasquitos Substation located east of Interstate 5 just south of Carmel Mountain Road. 

Wrap Up