1. Billing Options

  • Rate Plans

    • A typical business is on a General Services rate schedule, the standard rate for your business type. There may also be optional rate schedules available to help you lower your energy bill.

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  • Critical Peak Pricing

    • With Critical Peak Pricing, it matters when you use energy. Critical Peak Pricing is designed so you can make informed decisions about how and when you use electricity. Critical Peak Pricing provides you with an opportunity to manage your electric costs during high cost pricing periods or shifting load from high cost pricing periods to lower cost pricing periods.

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  • Net Energy Metering

    • If your solar or wind system produces more energy than you use, you can earn bill credits for the excess power you put back into the SDG&E electric grid.

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  • Level Pay

    • Make your energy bills more predictable by signing up for our Level Pay plan - an easy way to even out the monthly highs and lows.

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  • Payment Arrangements

    • If you need extra time to pay your bill, you can make payment arrangements online through My Account or by calling the Business Contact Center before the past-due notice expires.

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  • Paperless Billing

    • Going paperless means less clutter in your mailbox. Plus, it's easy to view your monthly statements electronically as soon as they're available.

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2. Personalized Tools

  • My Account

    • Link, view and pay multiple bills at the same time, set up automatic payments and see up to 25 months of account activity and energy use information.

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  • Energy Management Tool

    • An online tool in My Account that tracks the ups and downs of your energy bill with an at-a-glance view of your business’ energy use. Get current bill and forecasted bill for the month, review hourly, weekly or monthly energy use, analyze bill changes and subscribe to weekly energy use emails.

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  • Business Energy Survey

    • An online tool in My Account that shows you information about your equipment and energy use habits, and lets you build an action plan to help your business save energy and money. Log in to My Account to get started.

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  • Energy Use Alerts

    • Keep track of your energy use and costs with email or text alerts that provide information about your account, bill, and energy use. For instance, if your pre-set electric or gas use level is exceeded, you’ll receive an alert. You can also subscribe to weekly energy use summaries with energy saving tips.

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  • Green Button

    • Green Button provides two easy ways to access and share your electricity use data so that you can make choices about how much energy you use. You can send your energy use data to third parties that offer apps designed to help you manage your energy use.

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  • Energy Waves

    • Select and view online snapshots of your business energy use for up to 17 months. Download data for electricity and natural gas use in various formats and graph time-of-use and billing information, including multi-account reports. Click here

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  • Programmable Communicating Thermostats

    • These smart thermostats help you better monitor and manage energy use. Remotely control multiple devices across different sites from a smart phone or tablet. Qualifying businesses can enroll in a Demand Response program and receive these devices for free.

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  • Outage Management

    • Our interactive outage map helps you check the status of power outages or sign up for outage notifications in the Alerts & Subscriptions area of My Account.

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  • kWickview®

    • Monitor and manage electricity use data online across multiple sites, create and email customized reports using a specified time period, view daily, weekly or monthly use history and peak demand, and graph energy-use comparisons. Click here

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3. Financial Incentives

  • Rebates

    • Rebates are available for a standard list of qualifying energy-efficient products. Decrease your payback period by offsetting the costs of new equipment, such as heating, ventilating and air-conditioning, lighting, refrigeration, food-service equipment and more.

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  • Incentives

    • Cash incentives are available for energy-efficient products that may not be available under the rebate program. The Incentive program offers flexibility and customization while still offsetting the cost of many retrofits or new equipment that can lead to a shorter payback and even greater energy savings.

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  • Direct Install Program

    • Start your energy-efficiency journey with limited no-cost upgrades that are available to qualified small businesses. Equipment includes lighting, sensors, controls and more. Once you discover how easy energy efficiency can be, you can move on to greater savings with rebates and incentives.

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  • Premium Efficiency Cooling

    • Air conditioning is a major part of any company's operating and maintenance budget. By retiring older units and replacing them with premium-efficiency HVAC equipment, your business will run leaner and cleaner. Upgrade your HVAC system and take advantage of reduced maintenance and operating costs, manufacturer promotions, rebates and limited program discounts.

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  • RCx Retrocommissioning Program

    • Retrocommissioning investigates the mechanical, lighting, and control systems of an existing building and identifying operational improvements. Addressing common but subtle operational problems, RCx eliminates energy waste while improving the performance and life of your building’s systems.

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  • Capacity Bidding

    • Earn monthly payments by pledging or “bidding” your power reduction levels in this demand response program. Business customers may participate individually, or as a group.

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  • Summer Saver

    • Earn an annual bill credit for cycling your A/C on and off for a few hours during hot weather, when energy demand is high.

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  • On-Bill Financing

    • Interest-free loans on qualifying projects over $5,000 are available with monthly loan payments made on your SDG&E bill. The amount of the monthly repayment is calculated to be offset by energy cost savings, resulting in no net increase to your monthly bill.

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4. Expert Help

  • On-site Audits

    • A no-cost energy audit is the best way to discover how your business is using energy and the best ways to save. No matter what size your business is, we offer energy assessments and solutions, including a customized report detailing your top energy-saving opportunities alongside financial incentives to help you get started.

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  • Small Business Team

    • Your personal energy advisor will provide education on various rate options, demonstrate ways you can save money through energy-efficiency and demand response, and link you to helpful resources, like trade associations, networking opportunities, and more.

      Call 1-800-644-6133 to speak with a representative.

  • Energy Innovation Center

    • The Energy Innovation Center is a working showcase that demonstrates smart energy initiatives and green building practices. This double LEED Platinum facility lets visitors explore the latest in energy efficiency, renewable energy, smart grid and alternative fuel technologies.

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  • Workshops & Training

    • Our workshops and seminars can help you expand your knowledge of business energy solutions, improve operations, and increase your profit potential. Click here for current seminars and to register online.

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  • Business Contact Center

    • Our Business Contact Center is staffed with energy service specialists who can help with billing inquiries, payment options, start/stop/move service requests and other general business assistance.

      Call 1-800-336-7343 to speak with a representative.

  • Energy Savings Center

    • The Energy Savings Center is staffed with specialists who can provide information on all of the ways that business customers can save energy and money. Find out about rebates, energy-efficiency solutions, demand response options and more.

      Call 1-800-644-6133 to speak with a representative.

Success Stories

  • Kitchen technology: Bull Chicks restaurant

  • Energy-efficient upgrades: Eastlake Tavern+Bowl

  • Energy-efficient programs and services: Seaport Village

  • Rebates: El Primero Hotel

  • Summer Saver Program: Toronado Restaurant

  • Lighting upgrades and savings: Lawrance Home Furnishings


“We went to the Energy Innovation Center to look at appliances, it’s important to do that."

“I encourage other businesses to go the Energy Innovation Center so they can see and benefit from what equipment is out there.“

Antonio and Zulema, Bull Chicks Restaurant

My advice to other business owners is to really look at the numbers. We are just saving money, month after month. And SDG&E has been a huge asset for us, and in my book that’s the best complement I can give anyone we’re working with.

Dan Hurd, Eastlake Tavern and Bowl

“SDG&E came and offered to help us save money. They sent a technician to service my equipment… now we save 25%-30% on our (energy) bills.”

Gabriel Camacho, Margaritas Kitchen and San Diego Burger Co.

“The only way you can compete with the ‘big guys’ is to differentiate yourself… (so we) made ourselves more energy efficient and increased the guest experience.”

Pie Roque, El Primero Hotel

“…I’ve got a huge walk-in (fridge) that never sleeps, a (ventilation) hood that’s on for 15 hours a day. There’s a lot of energy going in and out of this place. People from SDG&E would come on out (and provide services to help us save).”

Ian Black, Tornado Restaurant

Lawrance Furniture replaced more than 400 halogen bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs. “The old bulbs were so hot we didn’t even realize that we never ran our heat in the winter.”

SDG&E rebates covered up to 25% of the cost of the new bulbs and On-Bill Financing helped Lawrance pay for the cost with a 0% loan on their monthly bill.

“The new bulbs should last 10 years,” Haimsohn said, “meaning we’re saving a ton of money and can spend a lot less time on ladders changing out bulbs.”

Howard Haimsohn, Lawrance Furniture

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