Net Energy Metering Dashboard

SDG&E is providing further information about the available capacity under the NEM Program Cap. This information is in addition to the Monthly AB327 NEM Program Limit Report at the bottom of this page.

NEM Cap Report

The information includes NEM applications that have received electrical clearance. To be included in the NEM Program Cap, SDG&E must receive a completed NEM application and the Final Electrical Inspection from the city/county inspectors.

Daily Net Energy Metering (NEM) Program Limit Report

All NEM Eligible

Data updated as of: May 23, 2016 6:06:16 P.M.
NEM Program Cap617 MW
NEM Installations that have received Authorization to Operate from SDG&E89,096578.9
NEM applications in the queue that SDG&E has received Final Electrical Inspection release from city/county and is waiting for Authorization to Operate from SDG&E4034.3
Remaining MW available under the NEM Program Cap33.8
Total NEM Applications and MW in the Queue2,71436.6

NEM Monthly Growth

These charts show recent historical monthly approved interconnections. We hope this allows our customers to make more informed decisions about installing solar PV.

Net Energy Metering Interconnections Approved in 2015 and 2016

All Customers (Solar and Wind only)
Residential Customers (Solar and Wind only)
Non-Residential Customers (Solar and Wind only)
Other NEM Eligible Technologies
Grand Total
89,096 #
578.9 MW

Overview - NEM Cap

Monthly AB 327 Net Energy Metering (NEM) Program Limit Report1

Data updated as of April 29, 2016

Total Available Megawatts (MW) Cap 617 MW 5% of 12,340 MW  
  # MWs  
Applications Received in April 2016
(New requests for NEM interconnection)
3,312 26.9  
Total NEM Applications in Queue as of April 2016
(Total pending requests for NEM interconnection)
2,789 38.4  
Cumulative NEM Installations2
(Projects approved for NEM interconnection)
86,792 565.2  
NEM Installations and Applications in Queue
(Cumulative MW Installed under NEM + NEM MW in Queue)
89,581 603.6


Remaining MW to Cap
(NEM Cap minus Cumulative MW installed under NEM + NEM MW in Queue)


¹The purpose of this report is to adhere to Public Utilities (PU) Code Section 2827(c)(4)(C), which directs each large electrical corporation to file a monthly report with the California Public Utilities Commission detailing the progress toward the NEM program limit.  This report includes all systems either seeking interconnection or interconnected under the NEM program pursuant to PU Code Section 2827 (e.g., solar, wind, fuel cells using renewable fuels, etc.)

²Includes cumulative installations approved for NEM interconnection since NEM inception in 1996 (does not include systems that terminated NEM interconnection with the utility).

More Information

For more information regarding Interconnection Applications, Electrical Standards, and Permission to Operate, please call us at 1-800-411-7343 or email our Net Energy Metering department at [email protected].