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NOTICE: SDG&E’s Web Services Data Exchange, formerly known as the Automated Benchmarking Service, is not available at this time. The software needed to implement this service is currently under development by SDG&E, and will be released in the coming months. No release date is currently set. Please refer back to this web page periodically for updated information. 

Like the Automated Benchmarking Service, the Web Services Data Exchange will allow Portfolio Manager® users to request their utility or energy service provider to automatically upload utility billing information directly to their Portfolio Manager® account, saving the effort of manual data entry. The development and launch of the new service has been delayed in order to address concerns associated with customer information privacy, something that SDG&E takes very seriously. In the meantime, billing information can be entered manually by the Portfolio Manager® user via either the tool’s interactive input forms or one of its two spreadsheet upload methods. Refer to the Portfolio Manager® help document How to Get Utility Data Into Portfolio Manager® for more information on utility data entry methods.

AB1103 Postponed Further

The California Energy Commission issued another notice of postponement for AB1103 – delaying implementation to January 1, 2014. This new law will require the owner of a building (having a total gross floor area of more than 50,000 square feet) to benchmark that building when the entire building is to be sold, leased, or financed.  For more information, please refer to the California Energy Commission’s Nonresidential Building Energy Use Disclosure Program.

Access and Monitor Your Energy Use

Before you take any steps to reduce your energy use, it’s helpful to build a complete picture about how your facility uses energy. The Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager is a tool that helps you identify savings opportunities, verify energy efficiency improvements, and receive recognition for exemplary energy performance.

Use ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager to benchmark and rank your building's energy performance on a scale of 1 to 100. A score of 75 means your building performs better than 75% of similar buildings nationwide. Once you have created your building portfolio, you can use SDG&E’s no-cost, easy-to-use Web Services Data Exchange* to automatically send your building’s energy use information to the ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager. 

*​The Web Services Data Exchange is not currently available, but will be offered in the near future.

Start Benchmarking

  1. Submit a request by emailing
  2. You'll receive a response requesting any letters of authorization required to release energy consumption data
  3. Any required letters of authorization must be signed by tenants of your property, and returned to us by email
  4. Once your eligibility is confirmed, we'll provide instructions to obtain your energy consumption data for uploading
  5. Occasionally, the existing meter names within your Portfolio Manager will need to be updated - we'll work with you to complete this step
  6. Once your custom upload template is complete, we'll run the information through our access tool and provide you with a final spreadsheet
  7. You'll then upload the completed spreadsheet into Portfolio Manager and begin using the tool

Questions? Contact our Energy Savings Center at 1-800-644-6133 or email

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