2017 Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

Earn Rebates on Your Improvements

The Energy Efficiency Business Rebates program helps eligible customers offset the cost of installing energy-efficient refrigeration, food service, natural gas and other high efficiency equipment.

Check out our Fact Sheet (pdf) to learn more

How to Apply

Please review all steps to make sure that your application is processed and not returned back to you because of missing information.

  1. Review the Energy Efficiency Business Rebates Handbook for an overview of policies and procedures.
  2. Browse our new consolidated Product Catalog to find rebate-eligible items:​

    Consolidated Product Catalog (pdf)- March 6, 2017

  3. The following project types require a site inspection be conducted before existing equipment is modified or new equipment is installed:

    1. Projects applying for On-Bill Financing

    2. All products found in the DEER Section

    3. Various other products that are identified in the product catalog

    4. Previous participation (if occurred within last 5 years)

  4. If your project requires a pre-inspection, you must wait for a notice to proceed from SDG&E before any equipment can be modified or installed.

  5. Submitting your online rebate application (3 steps)

    1. Step 1: A Trade Professional and/or business customer must complete and submit the appropriate rebate application online. 

      1. Projects not requiring pre-inspection: It is recommended that the Trade Professional and/or Business Customer fill out as much information as possible and submit the online application for the processing team at SDG&E to review. Within three business days a notification will be sent on next steps regarding completing the online application.

      2. Projects requiring pre-inspection: It is a requirement, for all projects requiring pre-inspection, that the Trade Professional and/or Business Customer complete, and submit, the online application and must wait (up to three business days) for a notice to proceed from SDG&E before any equipment can be modified or installed.

      3. Important: Completing step 1 of the online rebate application process does NOT guarantee a rebate. Only by completing step 2 (below) of the process will your project be eligible for a rebate. 

      4. Click the link below associated with the account holder’s sector to initiate the online application. In order to determine the account holder’s sector, please refer to the Electric or Gas Service section on the account holder’s bill. The sector is provide under the Rate (see example).
        Agribusiness Customers Online Application

        Industrial Business Customers Online Application

        Commercial Business Customers Online Application

    2. Step 2: After submitting your online application please download and save the confirmation (the application) when prompted.

    3. Step3: In order to begin processing your rebate we will need a signature on the rebate application. This can be done by downloading the Business Rebates program application (pdf), filling out the application with the appropriate information (refer to your saved downloaded document), printing out the document and signing it. Once complete please scan the signed document and upload it to the Installation Documents section in step 4 below.  

    4. Step 4: Make sure you have your enrollment number and account number before you proceed with this step.
      Once you have received the notification, and the installation of products are complete, the links below will give the Trade Professional and/or Business Customer the ability to upload documents, complete all the required fields of the online application and submit. The links may also be used to check on the status of the rebate application. 

      1. Remember to upload the signed application in the Installation Documents section.
      2. Submit a completed W-9 (pdf), if you have not already done so for our records, in the Installation Documents section.
      3. When filling out the installation information please review our Invoice Guidelines and our Business Rebates Sample Invoice for assistance.
        Agribusiness Customers resume & complete application and/or check application status

        Industrial Business Customers resume & complete application and/or check application status

        Commercial Business Customers resume & complete application and/or check application status
Please click the button below if you have any questions regarding a project (whether or not it is reserved) and your installation now being complete. Failure to complete the above steps could result in your rebate being delayed or not processed.

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SDG&E’s Business Energy Solutions Program

Several products offered through the Energy Efficiency Business Rebates program are provided at no cost or at a discount for qualified customers through SDG&E’s Business Energy Solutions program. Customers with a monthly electrical demand less than 200 kW may participate. Call our Energy Savings Center at 1-800-644-6133 for details or visit the program page.

Need help getting a project started?

Check out our Trade Professional Directory for a quick tips video and to select a local Trade Professional who can help you kick-start your energy-savings project.


Before you take any steps to reduce your energy use, it’s helpful to build a complete picture about how your facility currently uses energy. Benchmarking provides you with an easy way to assess and monitor your energy use. The EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager is a tool that helps you identify savings opportunities, verify energy efficiency improvements, and receive EPA recognition for exemplary energy performance.

Once you have created your building portfolio in Portfolio Manager, you can use SDG&E’s no-cost, easy-to-use Automated Benchmarking Service to automatically send your building’s energy use information to the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.


Contact our Energy Savings Center at 1-800-644-6133 or[email protected]